Lifting the burdens of Last-Mile Deliveries

RouteLift’s mission is to help businesses lift the burdens of last-mile deliveries so as to serve customers more efficiently and maximize profits.

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RouteLift was founded in 2023 after we realized that many businesses with logistics responsibilities didn’t have technology on the back end, and were still managing their fleets manually. We saw we could build technology as infrastructure to allow these businesses to focus on their products and customers. The technology will take care of everything from route planning, dispatch automation, driver management, real-time tracking and customer service notifications.

We lift for you

Not only do we provide the technology to manage and deliver your packages safely, our core values show how we do the lifting.


You can always count on us to make your last-mile delivery as seamless as it can be.


We strive to provide exceptional service and exceed expectations through our user-centered approach and positive relationships


We are committed to delivering excellence through a culture of efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement of our processes and technology to provide our clients with timely and cost-effective solutions.

Experience RouteLift Today!

Beyond just delivering packages, we are delivering reliability, efficiency, and innovation, tailored to your unique business and personal needs.

RouteLift provides seamless & efficient delivery with personalized logistics solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs

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